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Cheese and Branston Pickle puffs

May 29th, 2020 · No Comments

As a rule I scroll past any sponsored content appearing in my Facebook timelime (unless of course it’s from Boots in which case I write an angry comment telling them to stop ripping off the NHS and pay their fucking taxes, or Dyson when I inform them Henrys are better, and pay their fucking taxes), however when a Branston* Pickle advert showed up with this simple recipe for cheesy puffs it looked too tasty to ignore. These puffy little packages of tangy goodness looked like they would be the perfect accompaniment to an early Saturday evening lockdown lager.

* Obviously if the advert had been from ‘Branson’ pickle, I would have told him to stop suing the NHS, cease the tiresome pretence of being a maverick hippy and start paying his fucking taxes.

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Lettuce risotto

May 29th, 2020 · No Comments

When a succession of veg boxes leaves you with a cumulative glut of lettuces, you come to the realisation that there is only so much you can eat in traditional salad form, and cooking seems to be limited to braised side dishes, either solo or avec pois. But worry not dear reader(s) for there is hope (especially if like me you impulse grabbed a kilo of arborio rice at the beginning of  lockdown when it looked like we were all going to starve), in the form of this fresh, unusual (in a nice way), bright green (again, in a nice way) lettuce risotto.

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Parsnip, potato and apple soup

May 16th, 2020 · 3 Comments

We here at Yumblog Villas are always reluctant to post soups (upload, not mail) as they are so simple we fear you might be insulted dear reader(s) and flounce off in one of your famed over-dramatic strops. However, lockdown lends itself to the desire for something comforting and warming and besides we had all the right ingredients in the form of a large bendy parsnip, a wrinkled apple and a slightly sprouting potato.

Apple, parsnip and potato soup

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(Gazan) Sailors’ salad

April 27th, 2020 · No Comments

Readers would be forgiven for assuming a salad favoured by weather worn salty old seadogs would more than likely contain something fishy, seafoody or otherwise scaly/tenticaly/crustacean(y), but they would be wrong … very wrong in fact, as this dish could be enjoyed by even the most devout and fervent hessian-clad vegan. I could go as far as to say this will, in all likeliness, be the tastiest vegan meal you have ever tasted, although of course that culinary bar has been set very low.

This (modified) recipe is lifted from a much used and tahini splattered cookery book called ‘The Gaza Kitchen‘ – a compendium of wonderfully simple and consistently tasty traditional Palestinian cuisine, peppered throughout with moving tales of a stolen homeland and imposed poverty.

As I said before, our expensive camera was stolen from the 1st class restaurant car of the Orient Express as we steamed through the dusty outskirts of Constantinople, so this stock photo serves to just provide an inkling.

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(WW2) Chocolate Oatcakes

April 10th, 2020 · No Comments

The study topic for Yumblog Junior this term is The Great Patriotic War (aka WW2) and one of her assignments was to prepare and cook something authentic circa homefront 1939–1945. Eschewing the Mock Fish Cakes, Potato Floddies and Reconstituted Egg on Toast, she opted for something which, at least at first glance, promised contemporary chocolatey sweetness.

(WW2) Chocolate Oatcakes

As I said before, our expensive camera was stolen from under our seat on the Trans Siberian Railway, so this is a stock photo of an approximation of a resemblance of a likeness of a Chocolate Oatcake.

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Leek Carbonara

April 9th, 2020 · 4 Comments

As I had to line up outside the greengrocers in a long socially-spaced covid queue for over twenty minutes to buy, among other things, these three handsome leeks, I thought they should (in true Masterchef style) be made the ‘star of the dish’.

This is a modified, and in my ‘umble opinion, much improved Jme Oliver recipe.

yumblog - leek carbonara

[

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Marmite spirals

April 6th, 2020 · No Comments

Yumblog Junior rarely gets involved in the cooking process, preferring instead to be the slightly ungrateful and generally underwhelmed recipient of a parent-prepared meal. However pandemics, close proximity, home education and a lot of time to kill, means times are a changing and she’ll be sharing her parents’ enthusiasm for the kitchen whether she likes it or not.

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Packaging-free Muesli

March 21st, 2020 · No Comments

This recipe, such as it is, is based on the ingredients listed on the side of a box of Aldi meusli – the no brand, no frills, no nonsense, no dessicated coconut, budget Swiss-style, German engineered breakfast of choice here at Yumblog Villas. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a lefty bubble like the People’s Republic of Brighton (Hello comrades in Stroud, Hebden Bridge, Totnes, etc.) you’ll no doubt have access to at least one shop eager to sell you dry goods sans packaging. If that’s the case, take full advantage and make this packaging-free muesli.


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March 3rd, 2020 · No Comments

Ok, so eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that this isn’t technically food, however, it is a recipe of sorts and uses completely benign and edible ingredients. Besides, once we’ve negotiated our glorious no-deal Brexit and the only food available in the shops is powdered egg and chlorinated luncheon meat, we could easily find ourselves rooting around in the bathroom cabinet looking for something to feed the kids. So what better than this calorific emollient which will not only fill your poor kiddiwinks’ tiny rumbling tummies*, but will also give them a radiant hydrated complexion to boot.

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February 10th, 2018 · 3 Comments

‘So what precisely is kefir?’ I don’t hear you ask. Well according to the top boffins here at Laboratoires Yumblog, kefir is a scientifically proven magic drink packed full of friendly bacteria so affable they’ll transform your stomach into a fragrant wonderland of probiotic loveliness. ‘Hmm, sounds interesting’ you quizzically reply, ‘but by what devilish witchcraft does one contrive this unholy catholicon?’

It couldn’t be easier – scroll down past the books and milk bottle, click ‘Read more’, utter your favourite incantation, click your heels together three times and prepare to enter the mystical world of kefir.


[

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Potato, Leek and Gruyère tart

January 17th, 2018 · No Comments

As the result of a Christmas spent in France hosted by, among others, Jean-Pierre the moustachioed turophile, we had pretty much vowed to stay away from cheese for long into the new year. That was until, in an idle moment, we happened across this tempting Potato, Leek and Gruyère tart from the ever reliable and inspirational Gourmet Traveller website.

Be forewarned, this is a fairly lengthy and involved dish, so read the recipe through a couple times before starting, plan your own timetable, turn on 6Music, open a bottle of red and set aside a Saturday afternoon.

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Maalu Miris – Peppers stuffed with spicy potato in a coconut sauce

January 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Here’s wishing a ‘Happy New Year’ to all our lovely readers. In many ways 2017 wasn’t the best, but trust me 2018 is going to be great. The Tories will implode under the sheer weight of their incompetence, corruption and lies, Corbyn will march us joyfully towards a new Socialist dawn, Brexit will be cancelled, Greggs will be nationalised, and Trump will be either sectioned or gunned down in a Waco style shoot out. Here at Yumblog Villas, we celebrated the first day of this newest of years with these rather special stuffed peppers. Don’t be deterred by the long list of ingredients – most can be found at the back of your no doubt well-stocked spice cupboard.

[

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Vietnamese Prawn Pho

September 12th, 2017 · No Comments

After the stunning and heroic intake of baked goods* on our recent tri-city Teutonic train tour of Düsseldorf, Berlin and Köln, thoughts and waist-lines turned to meals of a lighter, altogether less bready nature. This recipe fulfilled that desire to such a degree we ate it two days on the trot – first as here with prawns, and secondly (as there) with tofu.

* One of the tastiest being the newly discovered and magnificent Laugenecke – a dangerous hybrid wedge of crunchy salty pretzel on the outside and buttery chewy croissant on the inside. Great on its own, dunked in coffee, spread with cherry jam, or stuffed with all number of fillings. Expect a recipe as soon as the bread curfew has been lifted.

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Pitta bread

August 25th, 2017 · No Comments

Hoorah! Celebrity MasterChef has started. First up we had a ‘much loved’ news anchor a BBC CBeebies presenter, two retired sportsmen – one tennis, one snooker, and a comedy legend. The retired snooker player lost thanks to a scruffy bowl of fish cookery.

pitta bread

[

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Courgette & halloumi ‘falafels’ with spicy tomato salsa

August 24th, 2017 · No Comments

Thought it would be safer to put ‘falafels’ in inverted commas as the absence of chickpeas and the inclusion of halloumi, would probably leave us open to criticism from ‘The Guild of Master Falafel Makers‘ as well as purists, pedants, trolls, stupid people and no doubt the odd het up vegan. We here at Yumblog don’t want any trouble, especially as at the time of writing, two frighteningly dumb men are edging us dangerously close to the abyss.

We live in interesting times … let’s hope we survive them.

Courgette & halloumi falafels with spicy tomato salsa

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99 ‘ice cream’ cakes

July 31st, 2017 · No Comments

Following Yumblog Junior’s Christmas frenzy there is brief and welcome hiatus before the excitement builds once again in anticipation of The June Birthday. An excitement particularly heightened this year as it represented the enormous leap from the risible infancy of six to the long awaited and unimaginable maturity of seven.

There’s so much for a child to do – lists of potential presents to be written and illustrated, party venues to be discussed, guests to invite, and most important of all, The Birthday Cake to research. For two long months recipes are pored over and bookmarked before eventually a short list of eight contenders is compiled and taken to school for a democratic poll of classmates. ‘Wise Owl’ wins by a vote, however, true to the spirit of the post-facts, alternative-truths world of which she is sadly a member, Yumblog Junior ignores the result and opts for ‘Spooky Spell Book’ instead – the cake she had wanted all along.

All of which is an aside, eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that this is not the cake we are writing up here. Instead, we give you these novelty ‘ice creams’ which formed the centrepiece of the much more selective and socially exclusive pre-birthday goûter in the park. Invitation only. No riff raff.

ice cream cup cakes

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Calamari with toasted rice

July 23rd, 2017 · 2 Comments

The source of this recipe can be found in ‘The Gaza Kitchen‘ by Laila El-Haddad & Maggie Schmitt. This is an impressive collection of Palestinian recipes interspersed with stories of life, struggle and food in the oppressed land of Gaza. We have made a few tiny modifications, tweaked proportions, and converted the measurements from ‘cups’ to the 21st century, but essentially this is true to the original. In the absence of photographic documentation, this is fundamentally a simple (and very tasty) seafood risotto/paella.

If you voted Brexit or Tory (you are equally responsible for the mess we are in) you are of course obliged to substitute the calamari with America’s finest chlorinated chicken.

Calamari with toasted rice

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Chana masala (chickpea curry)

July 19th, 2017 · No Comments

Consider the humble chickpea. Nutritious, ubiquitous, tasty, cheap, and as versatile as a 46-piece socket set. It can be stir-fried, casseroled, tagined, enstewed, devilled, saladated, hummouserised, soupified, and in this case, masalaed. If you’re contemplating doing something interesting with a tin of chickpeas this weekend, we here at Yumblog Villas urge you to give this a go.

Chana masala by yumblog

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Chilled courgette, pea & buttermilk soup

July 17th, 2017 · No Comments

By far the most prolific and rampant vegetable currently growing in the collective garden here at Yumblog Villas is the courgette. Some have become so pumped up they have started to hang around with the marrows. Two such swaggering beasts constituted the bulk of this refreshing, light yet substantial summer soup. I’ll suggest next year we also grow peas and keep a cow, thus avoiding the necessity of going to the shops altogether.

[

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Garides saganaki (prawns with ouzo and feta)

July 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

You know humanity is truly approaching the end of days when a flier from McDonnalds drops on the doormat and not only pronounces ‘We deliver, McDelivery has arrived’, but also proudly trumpets that this essential service is bought to you by UberEATS. A partnership forged in the fat-clogged sewers of neoliberal hell. It could only be worse if your Happy Meal was delivered in an oversized Sports Direct mug accompanied by a signed photo of Sir Philip Green wiping his corpulent backside with the money stole from the BHS pension fund.

So dear reader(s) delete that UberEATS app, dock the iPhone and come into the kitchen and help cook this exceptionally tasty traditional *Greek dish. Food tastes better when it is free from corporate exploitation.

Garides saganaki

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Kale Mallung

July 1st, 2017 · 4 Comments

Blimey, looking at the date of the Fondue below, it would appear we haven’t written a post for a year and a half. I would be inclined to feel guilt were it not for the troubling matter of the past 18 months, during which you dear reader(s) seem to have become crazed and in our absence voted for an ugly triumvirate of Brexit, Trump and most recently ANOTHER Tory government! I know you’ve missed us and craved our attention, but come on pull yourself together and stop this nonsense. Besides, haven’t you heard, there’s a new Socialist dawn coming and its arrival could be but a few short sleeps away.

In domestic news, the People’s Republic of Yumblog has relocated its party headquarters to the conveniently named Yumblog Villas – a concrete and galvanised steel edifice in the heart of Brighton’s fashionable Zeitgeist District. One of the many positives of this new location is the presence of a communal fruit and veg garden, tended over by a small but enthusiastic collective of residents. First to crop this year was kale. First to blog this year, this Kale Mallung – a spicy and toothsome Sri Lankan snack.

Read on Comrades!

Kale Mallung

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Cheese fondue

January 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Happy New Year to all our readers… here’s to a splendiferous 2016!

cheese fondue

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MasterChef the Professionals is back!!!!

November 9th, 2015 · 5 Comments

A trip down memory lane …

masterchef photolove

> Click here to read the full MasterChef Photolove story

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Treacle Tart

November 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

Ooh, the nights are drawing in. A pudding was required for esteemed guests and having banished thoughts of complex custards I alighted on the idea of feeding our friends something sweet and sticky instead, plums and apples away with you and your dull autumnal associations.

treacle tart

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Deliciously baked stuffed tomatoes

October 20th, 2015 · No Comments

A few weekends ago saw the publication of the Observer Food Monthly Awards and their interesting choice of winner in the best blog category. With sales from her first book of a quarter of a million, offices in Bloomsbury, a ‘core team’ of three, a regular column in The Telegraph, oh and multi-millionaire parents, awarding Deliciously Ella first prize was hardly in the spirit of the competition. Besides, this is less of a blog and more of a monetised gauche portal into the Lalaland of energising soups, naturopathic nutrition, and self-regarding ‘inspirational’ twaddle. How on earth Ms Ella managed to top this reader voted poll with a following of only 580,000 on Instagram is beyond me.

I look forward to next year’s best blog going to, cheap eats to KFC, or more appropriately given the delicious Ella’s lineage, Best Independent Retailer being awarded to Sainsbury’s. Bitter? No. Just disappointed with The Observer.

Baked stuffed tomatoes

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Clam & white bean stew

October 6th, 2015 · No Comments

Straddling the seasons by paradoxically being both light and summery yet warming and wintery this dish could, if not prepared strictly to the recipe below, set up an inverted spiralling loop of cognitive dissonance capable of causing a brobdingnagian antithetical bi-cranial logic schism (and possible nose bleed). So be warned.

Clam & white bean stew

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Beetroot, potato and horseradish gratin

October 6th, 2015 · No Comments

If, like us, you thought the tastiest way to deal with a beetroot was to borscht it, you’re in for a treat – this is possibly tastier. Better still, apart from the beetroot and a bit of cream, it can be constructed from what are commonly called ‘store cupboard staples‘.

Beetroot, potato and horseradish gratin

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Prawn and udon noodle salad with sesame ginger dressing

September 29th, 2015 · No Comments

Another dish with an Asian theme. Appropriate considering the news from the Tory party conference this week is that we’ll all (or at least the low paid lesser orders) soon be ‘working like Chinese‘. Excuse the slip of the tongue, but even amongst such stiff competition, the Right Honourable Member of Parliament for South West Surrey stands out as a complete and utter total ‘hunt’.

Beyond contempt. Beyond parody. Beyond belief.

prawn and udon noodle salad

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Sesame seared tuna with avocado salad, noodles & chilli ginger dressing

September 28th, 2015 · No Comments

We have just been blessed, here in Brighton, with a visitation from a bearded prophet from the North (Islington). Known variously as the Anointed One, the Author of Eternal Salvation, the Alpha and Omega, the great I am, or simply … Jeremy H Corbyn. A beacon of light in these dark days, and possibly our only hope to oust the entitled bed-wetting pig fucker and chums who shall ne’er be named in these hallowed pages. Herewith to be referred to simply as the Anti-Corbyn. We’re going to need all the strength we can muster over the next five years, so join us by partaking in the biggest bloodiest slab of protein available to the fish-eating vegetarian, the tuna steak. Better still, bejewel with sesame seeds and serve with an amusing sweet and sour salad.

Enjoy comrades.

Sesame seared tuna

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Borsch s listyami…

September 14th, 2015 · 2 Comments

…or beetroot soup made with leaves.

Not knowing whether beetroot leaves are a tasty and nutritious alternative to chard or a toxin filled time bomb of agonising death, I thought I’d better check their edibility before posting this recipe. Turns out they are perfectly benign and not dissimilar to the aforementioned chard.


[

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Beetroot burger with pickled cucumber & horseradish cream

August 11th, 2015 · 4 Comments

Hey meat-eaters! Invited a hapless vegetarian over to your barbecue? Why not forego the meat-free delights of (Sp)Asda and surprise them by serving up something which is actually tasty for once – fr’instance, this hearty succulent and colourful burger packed with thought-provoking flavours and textural anomalies!


[

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Sesame prawn toast

August 11th, 2015 · 2 Comments

Obviously being the unbearable gastro-snobs that we are here at Yumblog Terrace we would never dream of buying a meal from anywhere as common or unrefined as a take away, Chinese or otherwise. So imagine our chagrin when travellers from the Orient told of a rare Eastern delicacy known as a Sesame Prawn Toast which, were we to satiate our desire, would necessarily have to be purchased from the very such establishment. Luckily for you dear reader(s) this dilemma has been solved, so now there is no need to get into the car and drive around the corner to Phat Kok in search of this fishy titbit, you can make it yourself, in the safety of your own home… and in a matter of minutes.


[

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Herbalicious leek and goat’s cheese tart

October 8th, 2014 · 4 Comments

On the occasion of impending guests we thought that a butter-rich pastry was the place to start. Then we thought that filling that butter-rich pastry with cream, eggs and cheese might be the very thing. And some wine and a bit more butter. And finally, because we didn’t want our guests to think we were trying to render them obese come pumpkin time, we added herbs and leeks – health nuts we are.


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Chocolate Fudge Bars

October 6th, 2014 · No Comments

What to do on a rainy day in Brighton when the girl can’t go to the playground for a solid two hours after school? Well, you make biscuits. Well you plan to make biscuits but then the girl chooses something biscuitesque from a giant biscuit compendium and you adjust it due to the presence of cream cheese in the topping and the presence of the word frosting in the recipe. So chocolate fudge bars or Schokoladencremetafel, were they to exist in Germany and need translating.

Chocolate Fudge Bars

And so to the recipe.

[

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Gwydwr Nicholson – Prague 1939

May 17th, 2014 · 4 Comments

My grandmother ‘Nanan’ was born on 17th May 1914, she would have been 100 today. When going through her files a few years ago my mother found a few sheets of paper containing a typed up account of her experience of being in Prague in 1939 when the Germans arrived, I have reproduced the text in full below. She was 24 at the time. No need to editorialise.


The relief at being at last able to put one’s thoughts into words, after having been bottled up in German Territory must be experienced to be understood. We experienced this relief upon our arrival at Basel from Prague, after our seventeen hours’ journey, and after five days in the occupied territory. One learns to appreciate the plight of the refugee, having been in much the same position for a short time.

Our first intimation of the occupation to come was on Tuesday, March 15, when in returning from the office shortly after 7pm we were struck, firstly by the number of people, and secondly by the atmosphere, which seemed electric. The main streets of the town were lined with police and loudspeakers mounted on poles were exhorting the crowds to preserve order. German supporters, very few in number, were provoking the people by wearing the hated white stockings and by waving Nazi emblems. Every now and then a scuffle would take place, ending by forced separation by the police. For the most part the crowds were sullen and they seemed rather dazed. Later in the same evening a parade of Germans took place through the town. They were greeted in silence, or by boo-ing. We were told on that evening in the restaurant that the Germans would soon be in Prague. Our informed, a Czech, said this in a half unbelieving manner, little knowing how right he was to be proved. All night the wireless continued to operate, and people congregated until late in the driving snow to obtain news.

Gwydwr Nicholson

[

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Baby octopus pasta with aubergine, tomato & chilli

April 14th, 2014 · No Comments

Pity the poor baby octopus, born a hatchling among a thousand siblings, each no larger than a pinhead and yet all filled with the innocent expectation of a future filled with fun, laughter and adventure. Then, just as they open their eyes and blink with wonder at the world around them, they are dredged into a giant net and hauled up to the surface and inevitable oblivion. A stark reminder to us all of the ephemeral nature of existence and the ultimate futility of believing in anything other than our own insignificance.

Still, tasty though.

Baby octopus pasta with aubergine, tomato & chilli

Interior detail of of our latest favouritest pub, Brighton Rocks Bar.

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Pasta with courgette, basil, parmesan and a beaten egg yolk

April 14th, 2014 · No Comments

This is number seven in our occasional series ‘In search of the perfect pasta sauce’, and once again we have turned to our adopted Italian granny Marcella Hazan for inspiration. Thus far she’s rarely let us down.

Pasta with Courgette, basil, parmesan and a beaten egg yolk.

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Squid braised in red wine

March 23rd, 2014 · 1 Comment

One of the (myriad) advantages of leaving Hebden Bridge is we are no longer hostage to the weekly visit of ‘Paul the Fish’ with his stall of filleted fish and erratic Welsh mussels. Living in sunny Brighton we now have access to the full aquatic range of anything with scale, shell or tentacle which swims, crawls, drifts or slithers in the neighbouring ocean.

Along with cod cheeks, squid is now back on the menu.


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Baked aubergine with tahini yoghurt and coriander dressing

March 21st, 2014 · 2 Comments

We have been doubly blessed since we moved here to sunny Brighton, for not only do we now have casual access to a Waitrose, but a mere 20 strides away on the opposite side of the street is the Taj grocer, a large independently owned store offering a cornucopia of (eastern) international ingredients the likes of which we’ve not seen since moving out of London. T’was here we got the aubergines, yoghurt and coriander for this recipe … if the Taj gave away a free Guardian to loyalty card holders, there’d almost be no reason to cross the road.

Baked aubergine with tahini yoghurt and corriander dressing

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Fried egg, avocado and chilli tacos

March 11th, 2014 · No Comments

Want to start your weekend with a lime zest and a chilli zing? Then look no further than this curious and surprisingly delicious Mexican inspired egg-based brunch. Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale!

Fried egg, avocado and chilli tacos

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