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  1. Hi dre, thanks for your kind words … Delighted you like the site.
    R & D

  2. Hello,

    I hope you’re well.

    My name’s Dan and I work for Elizabeth Shaw. I came across your website and I thought you might be interested to hear that we’ve released some delicious new additions to our chocolate crisp range. The four flavours to go alongside the traditional mint crisp are: butterscotch, honeycomb, cocoa crunch and caramel in milk and dark chocolate. In fact, we’d like to invite you and your readers to try them for free!

    We’d like to send you a hamper of our products so that you can see if you like what we do, and give you a link to a simple product giveaway on our website http://www.elizabethshaw.co.uk/samples-page, for your readers too. Once you’ve tried them, it’d be great if you could let your readers know what you think and maybe give them the link to the product giveaway, but of course there’s absolutely no obligation to do so.

    We’re sending out the hampers soon, so it would be great if you could let me know if you’re interested by Monday 23rd July.

    I look forward to hearing from you,


  3. Hi Richard and Daisy,

    We are a London-based food and services company. We would like to invite you to our product and offer a giveaway to your readers.

    Could you email me back if you are interested?

    Thank you so much!


  4. Hi, I am urgently trying to buy a sourdough starter kit….can anyone help me to find out where to buy this item???? I need it by this Saturday…… can anyone help please
    Lionel 01342 810757

  5. everything you do is insanely great. especially moving to todmorden which looks unbelievable.

  6. Why thank you Dominic … although we now live in Hebden Bridge … which is even more unbelievable(er).

  7. Hello Richard & Daisy,

    I wanted to get in contact with you about a fun little campaign from Tropical Sun. It would be great to collaborate with your blog, if you could get in contact with my via my email, that would be brilliant.

    Kind Regards,

  8. Hi Yumblog!

    I have a food blog a bit like yours, I wondered if you wanted to exchange links ? Cheers, Hal

  9. Dear Richard,

    I came across your website http://www.yumblog.co.uk and would like to bring to your attention our website http://www.oneweigh.co.uk.

    One Weigh sells a large range of kitchen weighing scales and other household equipment I
    thought your visitors might be interested in when they’re making vegetarian recipes off
    of your website.

    It would be great if you could add One Weigh to your website’s links section.

    If you could let me know either way, I’d be very appreciative.

    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    Best regards


  10. Dear Richard

    I am writing from a TV production company.
    We are making a new show and would like to speak to you. I understand you must be very busy but I was hoping you could get in touch with me.

    Warmest regards


  11. Hello!

    My name is Georgia and I’m with the editorial team at Bonappetit.com. We would like to feature your photo from your post “Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Cakes,” (http://yumblog.co.uk/archives/131) in an upcoming feature on our website. Should you agree to being featured, can you please send us the largest size of the photo you have? Additionally, how would you like to be credited in the feature?
    Please respond as soon as possible as we’d like to run the article as soon as possible. We appreciate your blog, and many thanks!


  12. Hello, R & D!
    We are foodwriters Alexey and Olga from Russia. Being devoted fans of beautiful and tasty food we were impressed with the recipes and amazing pictures from your blog http://yumblog.co.uk.

    We are going to start an online project about food and plan to translate recipes from blogs all over the world into Russian. Actually, there is still a kind of «Cultural Iron Veil» here, as many Russian cooks don’t know foreign languages and cannot get useful information from the internet. So our mission is to show Russian people a great variety of cooking ideas and recipes of tasty and healthy dishes.

    We need your permission to use the recipes and pictures from your blog. We promise to translate the text properly (no robots), never change pictures and always preserve your copyright for the recipe. We will name you as the author and put a direct link to your blog, so you can get some readers from Russia.

    It’s a non-profit project, so we cannot pay for the texts and pictures. If you accept the idea of exchanging your permission for a direct link, we will gladly translate and publish your texts and pictures.

    The project will be here: omfood.ru as soon as we collect 100 recipes for a good start.

    Best regards, Alexey and Olga Borodin

  13. Hi Alexey and Olga.

    Please be our guests. Could you let us know if/when you publish our work.

    D (Daisy) speaks Russian so will be especially keen to see the translations.


    R & D

  14. Hello! I am having a sourdough starter drama! Have had a healthy starter and been following your recipe for a perfect loaf but now it’s gone seriously weird. I mean a totally creepy alien brain surface. Can I send you a pic for advice?

  15. Hi Melanie, looking forward to seeing a photo of your creepy alien brain … I’m no expert but I’ll take it down to the lab for a thorough examination.



  16. Stumbled across this blog whilst looking for interesting things to do with a cauliflower……found some fab food ideas but unfortunately I doubt I’ll have time to make anything due to spending too much time chuckling at the accompanying comments! Thank you for giving me a good laugh and enabling me to drop a dress size at the same time! Bonus!

  17. Hi Kathryn, thank you for your lovely words … please come back and visit anytime.



  18. Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and hoped to get an email for you? I work for a vegan food brand and would love to discuss a couple of event/writing opportunities with you further.
    Please drop me an email if you’re interested. Thanks.

  19. Hi Yumblog,
    Haven’t heard from you in a while.
    Is that it? I’d be a little bit sad if it was. Hope all is okay.

  20. Could I use a photo or two of your Chicken Fronto? Full credit and link of course. I have it here: and need better pix, of which I am not good at. Maybe re-writing some of the text to go with.

  21. Hi Richard.

    So good to see that Yum Blog is back !! Please please put the recipe for your amazing Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomato Cakes back in the archive, I’ve searched everywhere for that recipe for years…



  22. Thanks Ben, much appreciate it. Richard.

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