Moroccan chickpea stew with fried egg brik & cucumber salad

Now that interesting looking critter below is called a brik and is essentially an egg dropped into the middle of a sheet of filo which is then wrapped up and shallow fried. It comes accompanied by a spicy chickpea curry and a refreshing cucumber and coriander salad. Service not included. Not only is this a dainty dish to set before the King, but is also extremely economical as it comes from the Guardians ‘Recipes for under £5’ feature. And what can you get for a fiver these days? Quite a lot it seems.

Now I don’t want to come across as indolent, but I followed the recipe in the Guardian verbatim so it seems pointless writing it out again … and such a terrible waste of paper too. So click here, or here, or here, but certainly not here, for the link.

Verdict: Soft egg in a crunchy envelope, a flavoursome chickpea curry and a refreshing salad with a little bit of bite. One of the tastiest things you’ll eat at a bargain price. Highly recommended for a Saturday evening meal.

Drink: Anything cold, fizzy and alcoholic.

Entertainment: Mopping up the latest series of ’30 Rock’.

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