Happy Easter from Yumblog

Regular reader(s) will probably be aware that  every year at this time we here at yumblog experience a visitation from the son of God ‘His Royal Highness Jesus H Christ’ in the form of the appearance of his princely fizzog on various domestic items. Imagine how shocked we were when this Easter it wasn’t the apparition of the King of Glory that greeted us, but the heathen boat race of the heretic, cloven hooved, God-denying so-called ‘Professor’, Richard Dawkins. We live in Godless times. Good Friday and Happy Easter. x

Dirty tea towel, or ghostly apparition?



  1. It’s obviously the Pope come to inspect your kitchen. Although he is trying his damndest to look like Richard Dawkins.

  2. I swear this on a stack of cookery books, I did not see the name of Richard Dawkins in your posting, only after I had posted my comment.
    Well, this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt there is a Richard Dawkins.

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