Happy Christmas from yumblog

Here’s wishing you, dear reader(s) a very happy Christmas. We have of course sent each and every one of you a beautiful handcrafted card which you should be receiving any day now. If you would like a magical insight into the brilliant young artist behind this challenging work, please watch the video below. Warning – depicts scenes of child labour which some viewers may find distressing.


  1. This is only what we expect for children living in the north. Was she sent up the chimney after doing the cards?!

    Loved the cooker!

  2. Are you kidding … from the video it’s obvious who’s boss.


  3. …and a Merry Xhristmas to all at Eeh Bah Yum Towers. Thanks for the handmade card – I assume that’s what arrived yesterday disguised ina Fixed Penalty Notice envelope. You crazy jokers !

  4. Utterly brilliant, thanks for the card!

    If I send over some basic instructions, I’m pretty confident I could outsource my own job to Rosie on the basis of this footage. I will go into work one day per week and she can do the rest. It’s the future of work – personal outsourcing.

    Here’s a Christmas playlist to use as soundtrack for the next production line task: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt7O2s4I5yM&list=PL488FB80EF6AC8B1E&feature=plpp_play_all

  5. Very wise, this time next year Britain will be the new China (when it comes to child labour). You have to stay ahead of the game.

    Happy xmas

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