A Taste of Yorkshire: Sad Cake

Regular readers may be surprised to hear this but neither of us are trained psychologists and so wouldn’t presume to make a judgement on the mental disposition of this particular baked treat, melancholic or otherwise. However we do feel (humbly) that we are qualified to make an impartial assessment of its overall cakiness and, similar to the Barm Cake below have come to the conclusion ‘not at all’ – although this time the description would be biscuity rather than bappy.

Sad Cake

85p from Oddie’s

A sad cake is essentially a round of unsweetened pastry which has had currants rolled into it and was traditionally made with leftovers as a cheap sweet treat – hence the forlorn moniker. This low-rent Eccles Cake can be eaten as is, although is often buttered, spread with jam or served with a wedge of Lancashire cheese.

If you like currants and pastry, you’ll like a sad cake.

Sad Cake
Close up, you can detect a distinct air of despondency.



  1. Its called sad cake because it is heavy and doesn’t rise. Sad is the Yorkshire term for heavy & unrisen.

  2. Thanks Mary
    We were misinformed and stand corrected.
    Bla bla bla.

  3. It would help if we could get the recipes for this cake

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