A Taste of Yorkshire: Barm Cake

Hello again dear reader and sorry for the brief interruption in transmission but the logistics of relocating the entire Yumblog Corporate Empire Inc. from fashionable East London to its new HQ in the even more fashionable outskirts of Media City, plus the switch over from analogue to digital (can you see the difference in quality?), has meant that only now can we resume quality broadcasting to the world. Besides, personally I did all my blogging at work and since I’ve handed in my notice and left (to the quite shocking but not entirely unexpected indifference of my employer), I just don’t seem to have the time.

But worry not, we have a backlog of delicious new recipes with which to pad out the autumn schedules, plus an exciting new series taking a sideways glance at the culinary delights of Yorkshire (and Lancashire). Take for instance this Barm Cake which (these days) is no longer made with barm, and is not and has never been anything approaching a cake. It’s a bap. One of many similar but differently named baps available in these parts. It is light, airy and a perfect accompaniment to a Friday night chippy tea.


  1. Yay! Yumblog – we need you :), although I’m entirely indifferent to the writers of course 🙂

  2. Good to have my favourite foodblog back. Looking forward to the Northern recipes to come.

  3. Hi Scoots, it’s nice to be missed. Come the revolution your loyalty will be rewarded.R

  4. Hi Tony, despite your indifference, you are welcome to visit anytime. R

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