McTory Burger Launch

Ever willing to jump on any faddish bandwagon which happens to be passing his £1.5 million North Kensington home, and eager to emulate the grubby and cynical dealings of Silvio Berlusconi, David Cameron today announced the launch of the McTory burger.

Included in the range is the McBullingdon (Two over-privileged 1/2lb brandy fuelled patties made from a smug blend of minced swan, veal calf tears and foie gras fed Kobe beef in a lightly toasted ermine-trimmed truffled brioche. Price on request.) The McDave (A stale insubstantial bun with nothing in between. £299.99.) The McNHS (Soon to be cut up into little pieces and sold off to the highest bidder) and the McThatcher (Subsequently withdrawn after being discovered to be both poisonous and mad.)


Our leader in waiting with whopper in hand

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