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Yumtech Technology Solutions are proud to announce that since the spectacular success of its trial on Simon Hopkinson’s ‘The Good Cook’, all future Yumblog postings will now feature this convenient ‘Quick Response’ code. Simply touch your QR enabled Android smartphone* to the screen and instantly receive the missing parts of the recipe we couldn’t be bothered to type up, a quirky ‘hand-written’ font and the promise of terabytes of junk mail from our affiliates and sponsors.

Yumtech Technology Solutions – Bringing you the future whether you want it or not™.

*Please note, ‘Quick Repsonse’ is NOT supported by the following mobile phone manufacturers: Apple, ASUS, AT&T, BenQ, CHT, Cingular, CMCC, Dopod, Emobile, ETEN, Fujitsu-Siemens, GIGABYTE, HP, HTC, HUAWEI, iDo, i-mate, Lenovo, LG, Lobster, Mio, Motorola, Nokia, O2, OKWAP, Orange, Panasonic, Pantech, Qtek, Samsung, Siemens, SoftBank, Sony Ericsson, Sprint, Swisscom, T-Mobile, UBiQUiO, UTStarcom and Vodafone.

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