In Praise of…J-P’s Hand Pressed Olive Oil

How do you take your olive oil? Pure, virgin, extra-virgin, hand-picked, first cold press, single estate, non-filtered, Greek, Tuscan, Andalusian, Carbonell, Bertolli, Filippo Berio, Il Padrone, Masia el Altet, Tesco’s finest? Boof, here at yumblog we have bespoke olive oil! Olive oil personally pressed and kindly donated by a handsomely moustachioed Frenchman who goes by the moniker of J-P. A precious 87.5ml from total pressing of less than a litre. That’s the level of poncy, middle-class, Guardian-reading dandyness you’re dealing with here. Beat that.

A humorously shaped Alessi thing to anyone who can.


In Praise of...JP's Hand Pressed Olive Oil

Needless to say J-P’s Hand-Pressed Olive Oil tastes superb.


  1. My olive oil comes hand pressed (or hoof pressed) by wild Moroccan goats and the olives are from trees planted by Caesar on the slopes of the Pantheon.


  2. ooo, ‘ark at ‘er…

  3. Excuse me!?! Hand pressed olive oil… oh puhleeez! Must have! LOL
    I’d like mine personally single knee-jerk mascerated in the merry merry month of May by Tinkerbell. Bwaahahahahahaha – do people really go for these “value added” definitions?

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