Plaice wrapped vegetables with Salsa Verde

I intended to use sole for this recipe but when I saw the £26 a kilo price tag I nearly bolted in panic. Fortunately my fellow blogger calmed me down, took control of the situation and purchased two splendid (and considerably cheaper) fillets of plaice instead.

Plaice wrapped vegetables with Salsa Verde

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 6-8 minutes
Skill level: Easy


  • 2 skinless plaice fillets -cut in half lengthways
  • 1 carrot, 1 red pepper, 1/2 fennel bulb – cut into battons
  • juice of 1/2 lemon

For the Salsa Verde

  • flat-leaf parsley – handful
  • mint – handful
  • tattagon – handful
  • capers – 1 tbsp
  • anchovy fillets – 6 – drained
  • dijon mustard – 1 tbsp
  • olive oil

Blanch the carrot, fennel and pepper in boiling water for a minute and drain.

Generously season the plaice fillets.

Put 1/2 of the vegetables at one end of a fillet and roll up, secure with a cocktail stick and squeeze with some lemon juice. Repeat with the other 3 fillets.

Plaice wrapped vegetables with Salsa Verde

Place on a plate, put in a steamer and cook covered for 4-6 minutes.

To make the salsa verde, blitz all the ingredients in a food processor, slowly adding the olive oil until it is of spooning consistancy.

Serve fish with a drizzle of the salsa verde.

Verdict: These days it’s hard to describe food without having Gregg Wallace’s voice in your head. First you get the sharpness of the salsa verde, then the crunch of the vegetables before the subtle fishiness of the plaice. All this dissolves to leave the cleansing gentle aniseed flavour of the fennel. Beautiful, etc.

Drink: Well we did our shopping at Borough Market, so tradition dictated that we cross the road to the Market Porter for a few perfectly kept and enthusiastically poured pints of real ale. Definitely one of the best pubs in the world.

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The working title is ‘The Bourne Bond’ and the tag line ‘Bond was born to bond with Bourne’

At no point during the film will they kiss each other.

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