Thus far we have glogged and grogged… time to get nogging.

Preparation time: 1 minute
Cooking time: 3 minutes
Skill level: few things in life are easier than nogging an egg


  • 2 (fresh and free range) egg yolks
  • sugar – 2 tbsp
  • milk – warmed – 2 mugs/glasses worth
  • brandy – 80ml

Mix together the egg yolk and sugar and divide between two mugs/glasses.

Pour over the warm milk and stir.

Add a generous shot (40ml) of brandy to each.

Serve and cheers.

Verdict: Definitely one of the tastiest of the Christmastide tipples. A boozy dairy dessert in a glass.

Food: A splendid tomato, onion and Stilton tart.

Entertainment: Christmas with Raymond Blanc in October.

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  1. Boozy milky drinks, definitely sound like the way ahead – in the morning with a slice of toast methinks. I’ll ring the bell from the attic when I’m ready. Toast lightly done, by the way, and plenty of butter and marmite.

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