A Taste of Yorkshire: Jam Round

The woman at the market who sold us our Jam Round informed us that it is sometimes also referred to as a Brighton Tart. Asking the obvious question as to why this traditional local treat is named after an East Sussex town caused much debate among the staff which, even after one had tweeted her friends, came up blank. Further investigation back home was also fruitless with a Google search of ‘Brighton Tart’ inexplicably returning Peter Andre as the main result.

But who cares about the Brighton bit, I like the no-nonsense straightforwardness of Jam Round, as indeed that is exactly what it is – round and jammy. The round part being provided by a sweet short crust pastry and the jam part a generous strawberry filling. The whole thing is bejewelled with a thick sprinkling of sugar for added sweetness.

There is an alternative option with a fig filling available which, if I were to stick my neck out and take a guess, is probably known as a Fig Round. Yumblog Junior gave this sweet treat a thorough and enthusiastic tasting and showed her approval by throwing less than normal on the floor. Praise indeed.

Be careful what you search for.


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