A Taste of Yorkshire: (Fatty) Dab

Waiting in the Tudor Chippy for the haddock component of our chippy tea to be cooked, I noticed ‘Dab – 30p’ chalked up on the menu board. Enquiring on your behalf, dear reader, I was told it was a lump of mashed potato deep fried in batter. Before I had time to ask for one to be added to my order a free sample had been slid onto my fish and chips, wrapped up in a copy of the Manchester Metro and handed over with a bid to ‘Enjoy’.


Detailed forensic examination at the Yumblog tasting laboratory confirmed that this was exactly what it is, a thin 5-inch disc of mash deep fried in batter. Possibly not a dish to win you a place in the final of MasterChef (even the current Celebrity edition), but at 30p it’s a tasty carb-rich bargain.

Incidentally if you are ever find yourself in the area, The Tudor Chippy is highly recommended – friendly staff, lightly battered fish, well cooked chunky chips, and an inviting dog basket outside.


  1. Proper service eh?

  2. Interesting. My grandad ( a Yorkshireman used to regail us kids with tales of his travels around the north of England whilst a railway worker.
    One such tale was of his time in Liverpool & seeing the local women walking around the streets eating some form of fried potato snack called ‘Fatty Dab’. I just put those 2 words into a search thingy & got directed to you !
    Where in Yorkshire is the Tudor Chippy? I live near Doncaster.

  3. Hi Neil

    Thanks, I’ve amended the title as ‘fatty’ dab is much more descriptive. I like the sound of your granddad’s culinary tales.

    The Tudor Chippy is near the top of Victoria Road in Todmorden (OL14 5EE). It’s very good, although probably inconvenient for Doncaster, especially as this area seems blessed with more than it’s fair share of Fish & Chip shops.

    All the best


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