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90% vegetarian, 100% socialist


January 28th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Choose between John and Gregg with their catchphrases “Whoever wins, it will change their life!” and “Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this!” or Gregg on his own saying “Beefy, beefy mushrooms


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  • 1 Briony Bob // Jan 29, 2009 at 00:21

    I am proud to say I have no idea who they are. I love cooking, yet have no television. Life is bliss; I spend my time kneading bread and waiting for yeast to rise…

  • 2 Briony Bob // Jan 29, 2009 at 00:22

    I must say, I still appreciate your odd jibes in the direction of Jamie Twuntiver. More, please…

  • 3 richard // Jan 29, 2009 at 14:10

    Hi Briony Bob

    Your life sounds idyllic … apart from the ‘not watching MasterChef’ bit.

    Jme will no doubt be mentioned in the future.



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