Yumblog launches a unique new magazine

Hi Guys, Yumie Magazine is the exciting new food and lifestyle title from Yumblog. Each issue will be packed with more than 100 rehashed and reheated recipes by us here at Yumie. You can look forward to massively overblown photography and ill-thought out writing from some of the least known ‘celebrities’ in the world today.

The magazine is a ‘burnt cinder’ on to our action-packed world. So squash your worthless nose against the glass and watch enviously as we reveal the inspirations behind our plagiarism, create recipes and explore the destinations we love to visit (on our scooters).

yumie magazine

We would like to point out that any similarity between Yumie Magazine and other publications is purely coincidental

Yumblog launches a unique new magazine
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“I really think that this will become one of the most bestist, brilliant and narcissistic food mags in the world,” says Yumie. “I hope you’ll buy it cos I want another house.”


  1. ooh, where can I subscribe! I do hope it’s hideously overpriced?

  2. R, You are looking quite dashing in that polar kneck sweater ! mmmm

  3. Thanks Tony, I’m flattered.

    I think the correct spelling is ‘powler neque’.


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