Celebrity Masterchef

Don’t forget, 20:00, tomorrow, for the next 128 weeks.

The first crop of celebrities are: Neil Stuke (Game On/The Bill), Tessa Sanderson (Javelin Gold Medal/The Bill), Richard Farleigh (Dragons Den/The Bill), Alex Fletcher (Brookside/The Bill) and Nihal Arthanayake (Radio One/The Bill)

Next: Colin Jackson (5 ft 11½ in), Tricia Penrose (From Heartbeat to a fitness video via a failed music career), Christine Hamilton (Media-shy wallflower), Martin Roberts (Either the bloke who presents ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ or a rugby player) , Jenny Powell (Loose woman)

Next week: Dick Strawbridge (Engineer, TV Presenter and porn star), Jennie Bond (Posher than the Queen and one of the most annoying women alive), Marcus Patrick (Hollyoaks? The Bill? Holby City?), Kym Mazelle (lost 1st 10lb on Celebrity Fat Club) and Dean Macey (Bald decathlete)

Then: Chris Walker (Either a motorcycle racer, rugby player, footballer, historian or wrestler), Lisa Faulkner (replaced previous CMc winner Nadia Sawalha on Heir Hunters), Mark Little (Forever Joe Mangel), Mark ‘Chappers’ Chapman (Came 2nd in Celebrity Mastermind) and Danielle ‘ They eat with their hands in India, don’t theyLloyd (Racist slag).

gregg wallace

Gregg “Phwour! That’s a grind of pepper and a twist of lemon away from perfection, my friend” Wallace

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