Christmas Yumie Magazine now available

Hi guys. Hot off the mustard* the new issue of Yumie Magazine is chock-a-block full of exciting colourful Christmas ideas to make your humble monochrome existence less shabby, bleak, and let’s be honest, pointless. Look on with slack-jawed envy as we honour you with a glimpse into the kaleidoscopic sumptuous magnificence that is a Christmas here at Yumblog Towers. Our festivities are so resplendently swank and perfectly choreographed they make Nigela’s absurd yuletide fantasy look almost achievable.

So pick up a copy today and see how your Christmas could have been.

Christmas Yumie Magazine now available

yumie magazine issue 6

* Mustard and Cress – Press


  1. Full marks for the inexplicable On The Buses reference. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried that Arthur and Olive tapenade, it was horrible, full of stupid great lumps.

  3. …also sexual innuendo and casual racism.


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