Yumie Magazine – Issue 4

Hi Guys, exciting news, Yumie magazine is now being sold in all good branches of CostCutters across the UK** as well as the usual Timothy Whites. So now there is no excuse not to read this supremely glossy example of vanity publishing. Pick up issue 4 and see how we have belatedly jumped on the Barack Obama bandwagon. Wonder at recipes which use ingredients such as seashore veg, micro herbs and courgette flowers – don’t bother looking for them, they don’t even sell them in Waitrose. And this being the summer edition, we lazily keep alive the myth that the UK actually sees any sun between July and August by printing page after page of stock BBQ and picnic hamper ideas. If you add to this our overly chummy editorial style, fawning name dropping celebrity arse-wipe and aspirational middle class travel porn, then there is absolutely no excuse not to rush out, hand over your cash, and make us £14.99 richer.


Sadly Yumie magazine has spawned many inferior copy cat publications


* We couldn’t be bothered to publish issue 3

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