In praise of … Hedgerow Foods

A few Sundays back (BT*) we travelled out east to Walthamstow where we came upon Belinda and her lovely stall of tasties. Once upon a time Belinda was ‘Gavin’s sister Belinda who’s in a band and is an Arsenal fan’. Now she’s Belinda who makes lovely jams and chutneys and cordial too. Special mention also to her father John who made the bread for tasting the jam with, a nice crumbly wholemeal. Marvellous. Oh, and her scones, they were very good.

John and Belinda seen at Walthamstow Farmer’s Market.

They currently have:

Strawberry Jam
Wild Plum Jam
Rhubarb and Ginger Jam – a lovely twist on rhubarb jam
Blueberry and Apple Jam
Blackberry and Apple Jam
Plum Compote
Apple and Lemon Curd – really really tasty and great for a tart if you fancy
Onion Marmalade – this is sweet, but is for savoury foods, goes very will with sausages and burgers
Apple Chutney – great with cheddar cheese

Links to Hedgerow Foods:

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* Before Todmorden

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