John Hurt’s Salami Face

Is it me, or is that John Hurt’s lovely face in a piece of his own salami? It’s either a minor miracle, a vanity project, or the designer working on the ‘What’s in your basket?’ feature in this Sunday’s ‘Observer Food Monthly’ was a bit bored and decided to counterbalance Dr John Briffa’s usual pessimistic analysis with a little light Photoshop work. If you have the OFM close to hand, could you confirm that this isn’t just a weird printing anomaly in our particular copy?

John Hurt

John Hurt

John Hurt


  1. The ghostly Salami face has been haunting me since Sunday. i can’t get it out of my mind. Why is it there? What does it mean? Is salami with a face more or less healthy than salami without a face?

    So glad it wasn’t an apparition!

  2. Definitely not just you. I scoured the whole magazine looking for a competition that called for you to find a face in a salami slice…
    Alas, no such competition was found.

  3. I emailed Food Monthly when I noticed, and they told me this was the first they had heard of it, and that on closer analysis it was a ‘quiet’ joke that the photographer often plays..

  4. Thanks for that porterhouse.

    I love the expression ‘quiet joke’

    Now I’ll have to go through back issues of OFM to discover other examples of the photographers handywork.


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