1. Congratulations!!! I look forward to not reading about the new addition. Perhaps just the odd little anecdote? pretty please?

  2. Hi Helen


    At the moment we are too tired and too obsessed with the colour, texture and frequency of Juniors poo to write anything particularly cute.

    She’s a girl by the way (although I guess you could tell that from the feminine turn of her little feet) and in our unbiased opinion, quite beautiful.


  3. Oh yeah, those are female feet if I ever saw em. I suppose boys feet come out all calloused and knobbly don’t they? Surely you wouldn’t let them get into that sort of state all by yourselves.

  4. Reading between the lines it sounds as if the man in your life could do with a pedicure.

  5. Heartiest congratulations! Her wee feet are just too cute for words!

  6. Waahey! Congratulations on your wee addition to the family. Any chance of an “Alternate Uses For Breast Milk” post?

  7. Hi Su-Lin

    Thanks. The rest of her is pretty cute too.

  8. Hi Nigel…and thank you too.

    We would if we had any to spare, however not surprisingly Yumblog Junior has developed quite a healthy appetite and so far has been reluctant to share.

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