1. Any more pictures of this? That one’s great…

  2. Okay… slight ‘duh!’ moment there. I’ll just click ‘View all images’, shall I? Feel free to delete both these comments, and thus stop me ransacking my dignity.

  3. Hi Mimsy

    Consider them deleted.


  4. You cheeky scamp!

    Now, a request: We don’t seem to have had a Yuckblog for some time, and I do so like to laugh at what the lower classes live on. Anything inspiring coming along?

  5. Hi Mimsy, yes the lower classes can be terribly amusing – did you know some of them don’t even own a piece of Le Creuset?

    Also you must be psychic because this very weekend we uncovered a forgotten stash of ‘just add hot water’ goodies which we bought for this very purpose. So to answer your question, yes … and very soon.


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