Sophie Dahl Cocktail Shaker

Have you been watching the new Sophie Dahl cookery show? Isn’t it utterly brilliant! I think we can all agree it’s the very embodiment of the Reithian axiom to educate, inform and entertain and the BBC should be rightly proud of itself*. Who needs 6Music if the money saved by its butchery can go to make edifying programmes such as this?

No doubt straight after viewing the first episode you too rushed out to your nearest ‘Curio, Knick-knack and Unashamedly Overpriced Collectible Whatnot Emporium’ in search of an adorable 1920s’ Art Deco cocktail shaker to commemorate this historic zenith in broadcasting. Perhaps unlike the delicious Miss Dahl you didn’t have a trugload of licence payers’ money to squander and so found the asking price a little on the fanciful side? Worry not because yumblog (the company that bought you the ‘Flava Shaker‘) is proud to present this hand-finished limited edition ‘readers only’ Art Deco-style cocktail shaker at a remarkable introductory price of £99.99. So go on, treat yourself and soon you too could be mixing your very own Dirty Martini … just the one mind!

Sophie Dahl Cocktail Shaker

*It’s not a ‘crock of bogus, mendacious shite‘ at all.

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