1. Oh God no don’t use Interflora! They are totally crap, and have cocked up or not delivered every time I’ve foolishly tried to use them (usually on the back of some “special” offer).

    Go John Lewis instead, they’re great.

  2. Hi have used interflora last wedmesday to deliver flowers for mothers day but deliver on 12th to try and ease some pressure of sunday deliveries…. Now monday evening still no sign of them even though was told each of the 5x i phoned they have been made up and out for delivery….. I wonder what state they are in now then….. Totally ruined mothers day.

  3. Is this ad for next year now?
    More smashing pics of yumminess please.

  4. Hi Scooter.
    There is a backlog of posts waiting on the Copy Editors desk.

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