Loss in Translition 2

Fill the raw cannelloni, as they are in the box without boiling them. (The stuffing must be cold). On the bottom of the empty bakepan strew tomato sauce. The cannelloni, as they are settled in the bakepan on one layer, strew above fluid tomato sauce in order to counterbalance the interior expansion with the outer surface, to avoid the crevice of the cannelloni. Finished laying them in the bakepan, cover completely with cool tomato sauce or ragout very fluid, or with sauce prepared with butter, flour and milk very fluid. Strew parmesan cheese and butter flakes. Introduce the bakepan in the (hot oven) having care to put a cover on the bakepan. Make it cook at a medium temperature for about 40 minutes. ATTENTION: the bakepan, after prepared, must be put quickly in the hot oven. CAUTION: Handle with care, the impact will cause breakage of the cannelloni.

Loss in Translition

Loss in Translition

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  1. that be sum kwality engrish!!

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