This recipe is for my dad who misses the rostis my mum used to make but has so far been unsuccessful in his attempts to recreate them. There are many ways to rosti a potato – purists would have you boil them first and leave to rest overnight before peeling and grating; others would urge you to add egg or flour to bind the mixture; and one website even manages to suggest a Salmon Rosti without once making a cheap pun about ‘The Satanic Verses’. Incredible.

Rosti - potato pancake

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time:
20 minutes
Skill level: easy


  • starchy potatoes – 1 kg
  • butter – 100g
  • s & p

Coarsely grate the potatoes and place in the centre of a (preferably clean) tea towel.

Rosti - potato pancake

Bring together the corners of the tea towel and twist as tightly as you can to remove all the water possible. Repeat this squeezing with a second dry tea towel.

Rosti - potato pancake

Place in a bowl and season well with salt and pepper.

(At this stage you could add grated onion and/or fresh herbs)

Now to the most important decision – whether to make one big fat rosti, or several smaller, thinner ones. Childhood rostis were the latter, so that’s what we’ll be doing here.

Melt some of the butter in a large heavy frying pan and once the buttery foam has subsided spoon in the potato to form several cakes – use those fancy metal rings if you are feeling chefy. Compact each rosti with the back of a spatula.

Cook on a lowish heat for 7-10 minutes or until the underside is golden brown and crispy. Flip over (add more butter if necessary) and repeat for a further 7-10 minutes.

Serve with what ever takes your fancy.

If making one big fat rosti use a 9 inch diameter pan and cook for a bit longer.

Verdict: Just like dear ol’ mum used to make.

Drink: Hmm, our first night off the booze since the pre-Christmas warm up sometime back in November.

Entertainment: MASTERCHEF IS BACK!!!!


  1. “…without once making a cheap pun about ‘The Satanic Verses’.”

    That is incredible.

    That photo of potato pancake slapped me in the face and made me groan aloud with lust for fried foods.

    Truly food porn in it’s purest form.

    *Bows* Thank you…

  2. That sounds so good! Thanks for the recipe! Will make this one tonight 🙂 I’d like to invite you to take some time to drop by at Foodista and share your delicious recipe with us. We have launched an online food and cooking encyclopedia ala wikipedia.

  3. Hi. I couldn’t remember how these were made for some reason so did a quick Google and yours was the first site I found. Thank you very much.
    I shall be serving these with Muzzy’s Marvellous Marmite and Mustard Marinated Monkey which, unfortunately for anyone reading this, is a secret recipe which has been passed down over several… erm… months. In fact it hasn’t been passed down at all. It’s my recipe.
    Anyway. Rostis. Thanks :o)

  4. The best hash browns I ever had were in San Diego It was in a little deli/diner, and the owners were in their eighties and seemed to be open 24 hrs. The lady (Bula?) told me she baked potatoes first. Left them overnight to go cold and waxy. Peeled them, and use the peels for potato skins, then grate the waxy cold baked potato. Then prepare in usual way. Very special taste
    David Redfern, Kent, England

  5. I have enjoyed Rosti many times in Switzerland, I have a friend who lives there and was brought up on the stuff so she know just how to make it properly and after reading this recipe I know that I have found just what I am looking for, it is as though my friend had written it, I feel sure that if I try this it will be just as she makes it.

  6. Thanks Graeme … hope you enjoy.


  7. Stephen, Berkshire

    Perfect! Thankyou. I finally have a bed for my smoked boar tonight 😀

  8. Made these for dinner last night, and they were lovely – far more sucessful than previous attempts, shall always use this method in the future, so many thanks.

  9. Hi Daisy, pleased your Rosti’s were a sucess. R

  10. Last night, cooked stack of small rostis using half celeriac, half potato. Stuck poached egg on top. Tasty.

  11. we part cook peeled potato 1min. in the microwave. this makes it glutinous. hold in a paper towel, and grate it with a cheese grater. mold it into cakes about 8cm. across 2cm. thick. fry in a nonstick pan till brown on both sides. use little or no oil. eat as a vegetable.
    or add a little grated raw pumpkin, salt and pepper and some beaten egg,and fry. split to make a pocket and fill with onion jam, or sweet fruit chutney and crisp grilled bacon. low fat, tasty breakfast.

  12. Hi Peter

    I like the idea of a Rosti pocket stuffed with bacon. Yum.


  13. I have ben making Rosti for years. I am a Canadian visiting France and decided to try your recip. Its a good one, bravo

  14. Hi Max, delighted you liked the recipe. All the best, R.

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