Ah, brunch! Like Stephen Fry’s ‘Dancercise’ it is a clever combination of two words. Despite all the fancy stuff we seem to be cooking these days, weekend brunch, with all its subtle combinations of baked beans, fish fingers, ‘surprisingly tasty’ quorn products, instant mash, mayonnaise, red sauce, brown sauce, and anything else which can be found in fridge and cupboard, has to be my favourite meal of the week.


Sunday 30th November 2008: A thick slice of home baked milk bread, a generous spreading of Hellmanns, little gem, sliced tomato and a cross of Quorn ‘surprisingly tasty’ facon. Finished off with HP sauce and spring onion.


Saturday 29th November 2008: A foundation of lightly toasted bread moistened with olive oil, rising to a mezzanine of Heinz baked beans, garlic mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, strips of roasted red pepper and topped out with a green olive. Optional interest added by a light shower of spring onion, ripped basil leaves, a drizzle of olive oil and a twist of black pepper.

fish fingers

Sunday 22nd June 2008: A bed of lightly toasted Spelt & Linseed bread delicately covered with mayonnaise, supporting a trinity of Birds Eye fish fingers atopped with slices of Mrs Elswood’s Haimisha cucumbers. Cascade of spring onion shards optional.

A rare double yolker

Sunday 25th May 2008: A rare double yolker.


Saturday 24th May 2008: A trio of fish fingers relaxing on toasted multi-grain bread, accompanied by sautéed minted new potatoes with a tomato and garlic compote. Finished off with a flourish of red and brown sauces.

brunch at borough market

Saturday 6th April 2008: Brunch @ Borough Market. Raclette (melted cheese, boiled potatoes and pickles) for Blogger-R. Roast pork and stuffing in a baguette for Blogger-D. Nicely washed down with a variety of interesting beers.


Sunday 30th March 2008: Two slices of toasted oatmeal soda bread, one topped with melted emmental and the other with left-over ‘Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé‘. Salad optional.


Saturday 29th March 2008: A lattice of fish fingers and roasted cherry tomatoes accompanied by a medley of oven-baked chips.


Saturday 22nd March 2008: A lightly toasted cider vinegar muffin, cherry tomatoes sautéd with garlic and basil, quorn ‘Surprisingly Tasty’ sausage and a fried free-range egg. Brown sauce optional.


Saturday 15th March 2008: Toasted soda bread, cascaded with Heinz baked beans and topped with a giant garlic mushroom.


Sunday 2nd March 2008: Poached freshly-laid egg on a lightly toasted muffin with fried tomatoes and brown sauce.

Bubble & Squeak Cakes with Poached Eggs

Saturday 1st March 2008: A bubble and squeak cake topped with a perfectly poached egg and sprinkled with parsley. Recipe here

egg bagel

Saturday 23rd February 2008: A lightly toasted bagel sandwiching a fried egg and brown sauce.

scrambled egg with smoked salmon

Sunday 10th February 2008: A lightly toasted bagel from the ‘Brick Lane Bakery’ generously laden with lightly scrambled free-range eggs and a sheaf of smoked salmon. Drizzled with olive oil and a twist of black pepper.


Saturday 2nd February 2008: A tower of toasted wholemeal bread and Quorn ‘Surprisingly Tasty’ Burger with a tumble of garlic mushrooms. Topped with grilled tomato and spring onion and drizzled with HP Sauce.


Saturday 26th January 2008: A lightly toasted bagel drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and topped with a cascade of Heinz spaghetti hoops and a bridge of quorn facon.

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