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Latest Yumie magazine hits the newsagents

Hi guys, hot off the press, the latest issue of Yumie magazine hits the newsagents’ shelves today. However, as the covershot is a photograph of an unmarried man casually tossing a salad, we feel we are beholden to public decency to place it behind our Family Shield™. Boom! And THAT ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is called satire. (WARNING! …

Chocolate Bavarois

Yumblog Towers saw in the new year with a feast which started with a (very disappointing) trout mousse, followed by a spectacular post-modern deconstructed prawn vol-au-vent, and rounded off with this profoundly rich Simon Hopkinson chocolate and cream-based dessert. A belated Happy New Year to our reader(s). Chocolate Bavarois

Cocktail: Swimming Pool

Three or four years ago (I’m sure my co-blogger can tell you the exact date *) we went on a mini train tour of East Germany which took us from Dresden to Berlin via Leipzig. If there had been a soundtrack** to this journey, it would have been the final slurps of a draining cocktail glass followed by an enthusiastic …