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Christmas Panna Cotta

This recipe was featured in the Fat Bastards Hairy Bikers ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas‘ which aired late last year. We have gradually warmed to these two over the years, so when they signed off saying ‘if you only cook one thing this Christmas, make sure it is this Panna Cotta’, we knew we had to take their hairy advice.

Colcannon Soup

The recent bracing wave of cold and snow prompted a frenzy of soup making here at Yumblog Towers. Of the many and tasty varieties produced few warmed the cockles more than this Colcannon, which is rich, smooth, buttery and fundamentally Bubble and Squeak in an easy to ingest liquid form. So good you’ll want to stick it on the wall

Double Yolker

Following on from this week’s earth shattering news of a woman who found six double yolkers* in a single box of eggs, imagine our surprise and delight when we cracked open an egg this morning and found not just a double yolk, but a double yolk bearing the dual fizzogs of cheeky TV light entertainers Ant and Dec. Obviously we …

One-Pan Pasta With Garlic and Oil

Recently BluSky Innoventions™ the ‘Pseudo-Science, Holistic Wellness, Quantum Synergy & Bio-Weapons Division’ of Yumblog Holdings Plc was given an obscenely large EU grant to investigate whether it is necessary to cook pasta traditionally in a large volume of boiling water, or whether it could be prepared ‘risotto’ style in the merest covering of liquid. Our groundbreaking and highly controversial findings …