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Cloudy Lemonade

When God gives you lemons, make lemonade. Two things. Firstly everyone who blogs up a lemonade recipe starts with this proverb and secondly there is no God. There is however a Waitrose, which is where we got our unwaxed fruit. So more accurately, when you go to Waitrose to buy lemons to make lemonade, make lemonade.

L2B 2009

Last weekend Team Yumblog shaved an hour off their personal best and finished the London to Brighton cycle ride in record time. There was to be extensive photographic documentation of this momentous event but the camera battery went flat the night before and the charger was the other side of the river. The packing.

Gooseberry Sorbet

They had gooseberries at the fruit and veg stall on Saturday morning and so I just had to buy some. When I got home and set about working out what I was going to do with them I realised that gooseberries are generally cooked up and mixed with cream, just in various different ways. I didn’t really fancy that so …