We started writing yumblog because (like most food bloggers) we wanted to give you dear reader, the opportunity to press your greasy nose against the window of our perfect world and enviously look in slack-jawed and drooling at our incomprehensibly magnificent lives. Yumblog Cottage is a haven of sunlit space, children’s laughter, crisp white linen, freshly cut flowers, beautiful friends uttering witty things you’d never understand and of course food so delicious it shows up the microwaved ready-meal you joylessly serve every evening to be the mechanically recovered calorific slop it is.

You’ll also be privileged to read detailed accounts on EVERY utterance, iterance and bowel movement of Yumblog Junior, our adorable and angelic three-year-old daughter who is of course far in advance of her dullard contempories and is always saying the most adorable and amusing things.

That said our motives are not entirely altruistic as we intend to use this blog as a means of entry to the cosy and elite inner sanctum of the London food blogger, there to be photographed at every dinner party, pop-up restaurant and hidden away ethnic eatery within chattering distance of Broadway Market. From there it is only a short leap of the imagination to a name check in every lazy Guardian article on the rise of the food blogger, a minor publishing deal with a book entitled something along the lines of ‘101 ways to boil an egg‘ followed by the holy grail of every vanity food writer … a brief grinning appearance in a restaurant scene on MasterChef.


yumblog junior

Our little angel


  1. Tomato ketchup. That, my friends, is the work of the devil. ‘Tis Satan’s seed in a bottle.

    I’m more of Gentleman’s Relish kind-a-guy.

  2. *Coriander is now on the menu.

  3. Back to Naples. Just a word to thank you again for your hospitality and for the gorgious dinner you prepared for us. I surely want the recipes, even if I don’t follow any recipe when I’m cooking! JP

  4. Hi JP
    It’s always a pleasure to cook for someone who licks his plate clean.

  5. This actually made me chuckle, out loud!

  6. Just found your witty blog by very convoluted route. Love the food too. Hope your various high anxiety events progressed without too much hiccuping.

  7. Hi Lindylou. You are welcome however you got here. Anxiety levels are dropping and hiccups have abated … thanks for your concern. Best, R.

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