I love these little beasties. Fried and salted and accompanied by a cold tube of Cruzcampo. Tradition and statistics dictate that 29 out of 30 are mild and sweet with the remaining rogue being hot and fiery. I’ve never seen them sold in this country before but have recently discovered them tucked away on a stall in Borough Market.

Pimentos de Padron

Preparation time:1 minute
Cooking time:4-5 minutes
Skill level:Easy


  • Pimientos de Padron – 250g
  • olive oil
  • course sea salt

Wash and thoroughly dry the pimientos.

Heat some olive oil in a heavy bottomed frying pan and add the pimientos. Fry for 4-5 minutes occasionally stirring with a wooden spoon. When they are puckered and blistering transfer to a (preferably terracotta) serving dish and stir in a generous amount of course sea salt.

Pimentos de Padron

Eat as soon as they are cool enough to handle … hold the stalk and bite off the flesh … seeds and all.

Verdict: Perfect. Bitter/sweet with a salty crunch. Disappointingly no one got a hot one.

Drink: A lethal cocktail of far far too much.

Entertainment: At the stage when these were served I think I was still relatively coherent, however by the end of the evening I had to be coaxed out of opening a forth bottle of wine with the promise of a gin and tonic. For a brief moment I may have been entertaining, however …


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  2. Pimientos del padrón… Unos pican, otros no!…

  3. Marcos Castrillon

    I really doubt those really were Padrón peppers, mainly because they are not in season yet! I should know, I live 20 km away from Padrón. 🙂

    Those probably were Moroccan peppers of the same variety as Padrón, they look the same and they are available year around. But the taste and the way they are cultivated is vastly different. And it’s uncommon to find the proverbial kicks-like-a-mule 1 in 30 pepper.

    I’d only recommend those if you are really, really jonesing for the real thing.

  4. Oh I want to eat these right now.

  5. […] the odds that 1 in 10 will be incredibly spicy? Sounds like a slam-dunk to me! I saw these guys on YumBlog a few months ago, and thanks to a tip on ChowHound discovered that the Spanish Table sometimes […]

  6. What a surprise to find a Padrón peppers recipe here !

  7. can you send me the address where to buy please peppers padron send me the address on my E.Mail thank you

  8. Hi Carmen

    Thanks for writing to yumblog.

    The only I know where you can by padron peppers (apart from Borough Market) is Waitrose.



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