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  1. Monsieur Binet Himself

    And just so you know, some people here in Antwerp live for a new post on Yumblog.
    So the week sped by and I have not yet made one of the recipes, but I have a few lined up for the next few days.

    As regards the labneh, I can heartily recommend the following tart by Alice Waters:

    Truly go with the smallest amount of sugar you can manage and then serve it with very tart berries. You can thank me later.
    Have made it several times and every time I got comments that did the ole ego a world of good, as most people thought I had bought it at our best patissier.

    Given your recipes I assume you too are pescatarians so you too may not want that evilest of yoghurts, namely those stabilised with gelatine. Friends tried making labneh with yoghurt containing gelatine and it failed miserably (to my schadefreudian delight!), so there is another reason to bloody boycott yoghurt that contains additives and gelatine and similar crap.

    From the edge of my well-filled Semillon Chardonnay-filled glass, I bid you a good night.

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