Ok, pay attention. Blogger D’s archaeologist sister (from hereonin known as ‘Sherdkicker T’) came to Yumblog Towers for dinner. She brought along her ‘friend’ who is also an archaeologist and so for continuity should be known as ‘Sherdkicker J-P’. However Sherdkicker J-P is a handsomely moustached Frenchman and so perhaps needs to be translated as ‘Pulseur de poterie J-P’. ‘PdP J-P’ lives in Naples and in the spirit of European harmony bought along a kilo of pukka Italian Mozzarella di bufala campana for us to snack on as a starter. Needless to say it was delicious and unlike anything you’ll find in the chiller cabinet at (sp)Asda.

The next evening we still had about 700g left and with the warning that it needed to be eaten within 24 hours ringing in our ears, we sat down and ate the lot. 350g of Mozzarella is quite a large portion.

I went to bed sweating milk and dreamed a Buffalo was eating pizza in the wardrobe.


Packaged like a transplant organ


A variety of shapes and sizes

mozzarella 1



  1. You can buy this cheese at Waitrose. Real middle class ponces would know that.
    I do enjoy the blog, though. Sometimes I laugh out loud – ha, ha, ha – can you hear me? I’m scaring myself now.

  2. Hi Jawbone

    We’ve been found out. Truth be told, only one of us can make the proud claim to be a middle-class ponce. The other (myself) is officially classified as ‘working-class scum’. Pleased you are enjoying the site.



  3. Sherdkicker T and J-P have since feasted on Mozzarella that most certainly cannot be found in Waitrose, that was stored and served in a manner very likely contrary to strict EU Packaging and Serving Regulations, with the supply probably controlled by the Camorra, all of which added to the taste experience, which was further refined with a nice chilled bottle of Mercier in true working class style.

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