Yuckblog 5: Splendips Raspberry Cheesecake

Yummy, now for dessert. And what better after a bowl of delicious Asda ‘Good For You!’ Spaghetti in a cheese flavoured sauce with broccoli floret pieces than a raspberry cheesecake? Your dinner guests will be so impressed.

Splendips Raspberry Cheesecake

Number of ingredients: 25 including yummy Xanthan Gum
Calories: 196
Price: Was: 80p Now: 48p
Description: Cheesecake flavour reduced fat soft cheese dip with raspberry coulis and wheatmeal biscuits.

The bizarre thing about these Philadelphia snacks is that they don’t actually contain Philadelphia… or at least not the Philadelphia cream cheese we know and love. Instead you get a rather unpleasant sludge which tastes like it has been made by combining flour, sugar, water and battery acid. If you were to slap this between a bagel with a piece of smoked salmon, you’d be cruelly disappointed.

Splendips Raspberry Cheesecake

The digestive is simply that, a digestive, albeit one on the slightly soft side and with a dusty aftertaste.

The coulis contains a commendable 51% raspberries which accounts for its strong raspberry flavour. This would be a high percentage for a jam, but is on the low side for a proper coulis.

Splendips Raspberry Cheesecake

Eaten as a combo you get the passing notion of the cheese, a brief visit by the coulis, but overall it is the dusty biscuit which dominates.

Conclusion: Buy a packet of McVitie’s and dip them in your tea.


  1. Now that’s hardly fair. I eat almost no processed foods and CERTAINLY nothing nearly as bad as these “Yuckblog” entries, but I’m dissapointed by the singling out of Xanthan Gum as a processed food nasty chemical.

    My soon-to-be-mother-in-law has Celiac’s disease, and baking for her would be simply impossible without Xanthan Gum. It works miracles as a food binder when used in minute quantities. I’ve also found it quite helpful when baking/cooking for my vegan friends.

  2. Hi Ben

    A good point well taken. A quick glance at the web reveals Xanthan Gum (E415) to be a naturally fermented starch with a million and one uses and ideal for people on a gluten-free diet.

    That said, I wouldn’t take the rubbish we write too seriously.



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